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Nothing of Consequence

Recipes, Writing, and Rambling

I'm an avid reader. Name a subject and I either have read or would like to read something about it. I'm picky with my fiction and pickier with my science. Politically, I'm a rare (and possibly lame) duck--an economic conservative and social liberal. That means, for instance, that I'm for universal health care because a healthy population is a productive population but I'm against political pork. I also don't give a flying flip what consenting adults do in private so long as they aren't harming anyone else or the property of anyone else.

This journal reflects my interests... which means you might find most anything here. Just look at my interests: do you see any underlying pattern there? Roughly speaking, though, most of my posts fall within three categories: writing (fanfiction, original writing, the process, reading what others have written), politics and psychology, and... cooking. Yeah, it's a weird combination--so? The combination does mean that this journal is probably not suitable for minors: I curse, I write porn, and... er, most minors don't get a thrill from reading recipe books.

I'm a friendly person (online, anyway): if you friend me, I'll likely friend you back. That will give you access to the minor fourth category--real life stuff, which can range from wildlife updates to nasty emotional rambling.

So, H/D shippers, don't be surprised to find pro-choice ranting amid your porn; political fellow-travelers, you'll be seeing fanfiction of the slash kind. We're all adults here: I do cuts, you scroll.

Addendum: Okay, folks--I hate to have to do this, but if you friend me, send me a message telling me why/reminding me where we've met. On one hand, this will save me from putting political lurkers on the fanfiction custom list, and vice versa. On the other hand... um, it proves you're human.

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