graylor (graylor) wrote,

My Cats are Defective, or Smokey Rides Again

I was in my bedroom, doing my nightly after shower things and heard scrabbling on the back porch.  I can't control the porch lights from my room, of course, and I was extremely undressed, so I shrugged it off.  Until Hermes hopped up on my desk and looked out the window with great interest.

He didn't growl.  He didn't chirp, as he does with birds and my fuzzy sleep socks.  He just watched and switched his tail thoughtfully.

It occurred to me that I can see perfectly well on the back porch if I turn off the interior lights and let my eyes adjust.  By the time I did that, Hermes was interested in what I was doing rather than the 'whatever' outside.  The 'whatever' wasn't in evidence either, and I was ready to lay the blame on the 'possums, until I noticed one of the big wooden bird feeders was swinging very hard though nothing else was so much as shivering in an errant breeze.  Not that there was a breeze, because it's been one of those calm, cool, drizzly autumn days here.  Um.  Well, then.

It's November, bear.  Go to sleep.  And as for you feline lummoxes, snoozing on my bed, you hit the deck whenever my friends and family come over, even when you see them almost weekly for months, but ignore a bear?  No catnip for you.
Tags: wildlife
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