graylor (graylor) wrote,

Ah, Spring, and Love is in the Air

or 'Why I'm Turning the Light On Before Entering the Basement From Now On'

As usual, this starts with seeing some movement out of the corner of my eye.  I immediately thought 'lizard', which is cool because the lizards here are cute and harmless, and, yes, sometimes do get in the basement for reasons of their own.  The door's open during the day, so they can come and go as they please.

I kept looking into the shadow under the wash sink and yes, dark scales.  Lots of scales so... a really long lizard... with two tails twining together and and no head, or...  It did take me a moment to realize what I was seeing.  They're just black snakes (non poisonous, don't mess with them, they won't mess with you), but if I wind up with a basement full of snakelets I will be most displeased.

And that's how doing laundry was actually exciting today.

It's funny how phobias work:  if those had been two wasps buzzing at the windows (far from the washing machine), I'd have been cowering.  Snakes within three feet of my legs... meh.  So long as it's not threatening me, whatever.  Though I won't be walking in there blind anymore, because even black snakes don't like being walked on.
Tags: nature
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