graylor (graylor) wrote,

Kitty Pics!

I finally broke down and got a new camera.  And discovered I have a face like a potato, but, thankfully, there's no such thing as an ugly cat.  Even if she is tri-colored.

I am now formally fostering the calico manx for an animal rescue group (there was paperwork, and everything).  And I now know that people who claim you can get in anywhere if you have a clipboard and act like you know what you're doing aren't entirely full of it.  No, sir, I can't put a hold on the black poodle mix, because I'm not a volunteer for the group.  Please to note absence of bright red shirt with group's name on it, yes?

So, Calliope pics under the cut.

calliope 009
She is actually pretty skinny when she's standing up, but when she's not in my lap she's moving too much for me to take a picture.  Cats.

calliope 001
Not enthused with this flashy red thing  moar pets, less pictures!

calliope 006
That's more like it.  And look at those long whiskers.

calliope 008

I love her head swirls.
Tags: cats, rl
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