graylor (graylor) wrote,

Into the Sargasso Sea, With Crook and Needle

Isn't this lovely? Who doesn't like enormous spirals?

At this point, I don't. Neither the original pattern nor the sashay yarn version at the linked to site worked for me, though if I had some starch I could have made an epic witch's hat, since the center of the spiral wanted very badly to form a long, tapered tube.

So, I decided to do it my way.

First off, terms and definitions.

Wide band: the side of the yarn with the more rectangular structure
Open side: the lacy side of the yarn
'Each hole' means exactly that, as does 'every other hole'
Stitch: with one loop on hook, pick up wide band loop, pick up lacy side loop, pull lacy through both loops on hook=one stitch

Yarn used: sashay
Method: crochet

Spread open yarn. Starting at the wide band corner, begin making slip stitches diagonally across the width of the yarn until you reach the open side. Make slip stitches into each hole of the wide band side and into the second lacy hole on the open side for ten stitches. It will poof a little, but hopefully won't be a witch hat. Begin making your slip stitches into every other hole or so and still into the second lacy hole from the hook. As it gradually flattens out, continue to widen your stitches slightly (into every third wide band hole, then every fourth or so, etc, eventually working also into the third lacy hole instead of the second.

In other words, start off on a very gentle diagonal, approximately five or six stitches until you reach the opposite side of the yarn. Then work small and tight, gradually expanding as per the instructions at the link.
Tags: crochet
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