graylor (graylor) wrote,

Thank you for the card, alafaye!

We didn't get any snow from 'Draco' down here, but we got enough wind to roll a doghouse big enough for full grown labradors. While the dog, who is not a lab but does weigh sixty pounds, was in it, I think. He's fine but it may be awhile before he braves his house again, poor thing. Also, I learned I can navigate my home in perfect darkness. Not much of an accomplishent since I grew up here, but, whatever.

Having read a few fics that have turned up on my flist as podfics, I am now very curious about the Avengers. And, also, Robert Downey Jr. What, I have a pulse. So for all the whining about fanfiction entertainment companies do, fanfiction does actually sell their stuff. What happened to the days of 'lol, free advertising'? Hell, even deconstructions of very bad books have squeezed money out of me. Due to Ana Mardoll, I own both Twilight and New Moon and saw... one, I think? of the movies. No, no, two--had to see if Breaking Dawn 1 was as horrible as I'd been led to believe. BD2 sounds worse, though. Too much worse even for me, so my movie money will be going to something trippy involving moths and dwarves, whenever I stop coughing. ;-p

I am personally rescheduling Christmas for around New Years (I can do that, right?). The flu is evil (yes, even now) and I hate being female. That should explain it all. I can haz sleepz nao, yes? No baking turkeys? No wrapping presents? No relatives? No? *sleeps anyway*

ps: added cat-bragging. Nose loves Fancy Feast Dry, which comes in small bags. I bought my brother some sesame sticks for Christmas. They are in a similar kind of bag. Apparently Nose did her level best to tear into them this morning. So she has her own new bag of Fancy Feast. So she recognizes bag type by shape/plastic type? rather than by scent.
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