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Still Alive, More or Less

Get your flu shots, guys, it's bad this year. This is coming to you from The Land Beyond the Flu, Maybe. I've spent the last week doing nothing more strenuous than playing ainars games because my life had become a NyQuil commercial. And I'm one of those people who normally breeze through flu-like things with half doses of decongestants. Oh, and it lingers. Or it's turning into bronchitis, whatever.

So, productivity? Nil. Christmas is nearly upon me and I have a present that may not be ready in time, so, yay, embroidering like a madwoman, albeit not on a long overdue feathery thing, sorry. And I'm supposed to be making candy. Hack hack cough COUGH--people want my candy, I'm sure.

There has been no decorating and the furballs all still hate Percival, which causes Percival to snuggle up to me all the time, which makes them hate him more, and I don't want to deal with that and a Christmas tree, so no decorating. Also I get winded throwing a towel over the shower doors, so carrying the wee little fake tree down from upstairs is not happening for a while yet. However, the house may smell slightly Christmas-y, though I have no sense of smell so who knows, because I'm experimenting with feline pine litter. It still smells fresh out of the bag because my cats refuse to use it so far.

This post has been brought to you by half a dose of DayQuil and a lack-of-yoga grouchiness.
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